This website is run by me, Ajit Krishna Dasa.

I use this site to publish some of the stuff I am writing or reading.

If you want to know more about what I am up to, please visit my facebook pages and groups.

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  1. Dear Ajit Krishna das=prabhu
    Ive read your article on the
    Sampradaya Sun. Thank you
    for having the courage to
    expose whats wring- in Iskcon.
    Please stay in Iskcon -KC with faith
    and commitment to HDG Srila
    Prabhupada and Lord KRSNA
    Dont be bitter but be smart
    Find sincere devotees,,there are some
    Im am sorry to hear of your bad
    experiences with HG ,the gbc are
    irresponsible and not doing their jobs.
    THUS–Mission Drifts are in Iskcon
    KRSNA sees all,,,,,,and will help
    to expose rascals in Iskcon.
    Tale Care AGTSP
    Your servant,
    Jaya Madhava das (acbsp)-Moscow Russia
    Again -Thank you Take care


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