Atheism Cannot Account for the Concept of Truth

The concept of truth, i.e. the idea that statements and beliefs express propositions that correspond to reality, cannot be accounted for in the absence of God. Why is that?

First, let us consider the fact that we cannot determine if it is at all possible for propositions to correspond to reality unless we already are in possession of a concept of truth by which to judge this. Said in another way, we cannot determine if truth exists unless we already pressuppose the truth of a certain concept of truth. Thus, the conclusion so far is that truth is axiomatic. It cannot be denied, because in order to deny it we have to first presuppose it. So which worldview can account for the concept of truth?

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The Non-Existence of Atheism

Atheism is non-existent because it is self-contradictory, the reason being that God and theism must first be accepted in order to argue in favor of atheism. 

How is that? 

The reason is that atheism cannot account for the universally existent and necessary preconditions of human cognition and intelligibility on which itself and all other wordviews are built. Now, what are these preconditions? Here follows a list of some of the most important ones:

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How to Talk to Atheists: (Part 1: Positions in Relation to the Existence of God)

Written by Ajit Krishna Dasa

Positions in Relation to the Existence of God

To defeat atheism we have to know what it is. To share some light on this topic we might consider the different positions people, both theists and atheists, can profess in regard to the questions of God’s existence. Before we get into each position, please note:

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Debate with Christians on G1 Radio

This is a debate I conducted with a Christian on G1 Radio (starts around the 39th minute). You have to access it from here, since G1 Radio has made restrictions so that it cannot be viewed from other websites.

Unfortunately the connection was bad, and so the sound quality suffered quite a bit.

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