Materialists Cannot Prove the Existence of Matter

By Ajit Krishna Dasa

According to most atheists there is no evidence to support the idea that something spiritual or divine exists. They claim that matter is all we can observe, and that theists are irrational and naive victims of their own wishful thinking. Since there is no proof of spirit, they claim, we should all be materialists.

But the atheists are wrong, and here is why: Continue reading “Materialists Cannot Prove the Existence of Matter”

Christianity Makes Knowledge Impossible

By Ajit Krishna Dasa

Christian presuppositionalists claim that the Christian worldview must be presupposed for knowledge to possible. Unless you accept Christianity, they say, your worldview cannot provide the necessary preconditions of human knowledge and intelligibility.

Here is why they are wrong, and why Christianity cannot provide the necessary preconditions of human knowledge and intelligibility:

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Debate with Christians on G1 Radio

This is a debate I conducted with a Christian on G1 Radio (starts around the 39th minute). You have to access it from here, since G1 Radio has made restrictions so that it cannot be viewed from other websites.

Unfortunately the connection was bad, and so the sound quality suffered quite a bit.

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