Why should I think I need to know if God exists?

Q: “Why should I think that I need to know if God exists?”

All humans are scared of ignorance. Why? Because ignorance might propel us into a condition of suffering. Thus, to counteract suffering all humans seek the opposite of ignorance, namely knowledge.

To claim non-interest in the question of God’s existence is either a result of self-delusion, asininity, or both. Theism and atheism are each others antithesis, so if an atheist or a theist comes to know that his or her ideas about God’s existence are false, then he or she will also know that whatever he or she thought about what is true, good, and moral, is necessarily false. He or she will thus have to radically change strategy to avoid present and future suffering.

The question “What if God exists?” is therefore unavoidable, and until we gain a proper answer to this question we will have to suffer being scared of the consequences of our actions. All intelligent persons are therefore necessarily interested in God’s existence. We cannot hide from this question.

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