Theism is the True Worldview


Premise 1: If a worldview is true it must be able to account for the preconditions of cognition and intelligibility.

Premise 2: Either the atheistic or the theistic worldview is the true worldview.

Premise 3: The atheistic worldview cannot account for the preconditions of cognition and intelligibility, like:

  • The laws of logic.
  • The validity of human reasoning.
  • The “principle of induction”.
  • Truth.
  • Knowledge.
  • The validity of human sense perception.
  • The existence of an external world outside our own consciousness.
  • The existence of other minds.
  • Our continuing personal identity.
  • The reliability of our memory.
  • The relationship between the mind and body.
  • The reality of cause-and-effect relations.
  • The existence of the past.
  • The existence of matter.
  • The existence of values.
  • The existence of morality.

Conclusion 1: Therefore, atheism is not the true worldview.

Conclusion 2: Therefore, theism is the true worldview.

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