Philosophers by Default

We wake up in this world realizing we have two urges that are innate qualities of our nature:

  1. The urge to live and avoid death.
  2. The urge to enjoy and avoid suffering.

Since these urges is part of our very nature we must ask how to they can be fulfilled, and how we can get rid of the hindrances that come in their way. How can I continue my existence, and how can I be happy? We are philosophers by default because we are forced to seek answers to these unavoidable existential questions.

Even as babies we realize that gaining knowledge about ourselves and the world is necessary to satisfy these desires, and thus starts our quest for knowledge. We try to decode the world using our senses and intellect. This happens not only to humans, but to all living beings. They construct a worldview based on answers to the unavoidable questions of life. Intentionally or unintentionally.

Unlike animals, the human being, with its superior intelligence, can grasp higher levels of truth and thus find more sophisticated, or sometimes more complicated, answers to the unavoidable questions of life.

The quest for anti-material knowledge begins as soon a human being realizes that this world of matter can never perfectly satisfy these two urges, and that ultimately it will completely fail to satisfy them.

The conclusion is that no human being can claim to be non-philosophical. We are by nature interested in finding truth. We cannot avoid seeking answers life’s unavoidable questions and construct a worldview that will help us live and prosper. Only the degree to which we are successful in our attempt will differentiate us from each other.

Since we cannot avoid seeking answers to these fundamental existential urges, we might as well try to find the best answers to them.

Good luck.

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