Did the Universe Come From Nothing?

By Ajit Krishna Dasa (heavily inspired by Dr. William Lane Craig)

Did the universe come from nothing?

Some atheists claim that the universe came from nothing. But this is self-contradictory. “Nothing” can’t have any properties. So if something came from “nothing” then it seems obvious that “nothing” at least must have had the property that something could come from it. And then it’s not “nothing” at all.

The atheist might say that: “Well, I don’t mean that the universe “comes from nothing” in that sense. What I mean is simply that first there was nothing and then suddenly the universe just manifested totally uncaused!” But consider that if it’s true that nothing (no thing) existed before the universe came uncaused into being then not even the potentiality required to make it possible for a universe–or anything else for that matter–to come into being existed. It seems to require a tremendous amount of faith to believe that something can come from a situation in which the potentiality necessary for anything to come into being doesn’t even exist. Like the Christian theologian and philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig states this is actually worse than magic. When a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat at least we have both the magician and the hat. But here we have absolutely nothing and then all of sudden a universe just bursting into being totally uncaused.

In addition, the claim that something can come uncaused into being has never been affirmed by our experience. If things could just come uncaused into being then there’s no explanation as to why we don’t observe all kind of things just bursting uncaused into being all over the place? When you are visiting your friends are you afraid that back in your living room an elephant has bursted uncaused into being from nothing and is now trampling around destroying your home? Of course you’re not! Because you know that things don’t burst uncaused into being. Our experience constantly affirms that when things come into being there’s a reason, a cause, for it. To believe the opposite is blind faith in an idea which is self-contradictory, unsupported and contradicted by our experience. So the unavoidable conclusion is “ex nihilo, nihil fit”. From nothing, nothing comes.

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