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Almost Initiated by False Guru

By Ajit Krishna Dasa I started my Krishna consciousness in 1998 and knew more or less right away that I would try to dedicate my life

Sitting, Standing or Walking While Chanting?

"So standing up or walking while chanting is all right, but it is a lowering of the standard."

On the Highway to Krishna

Imagine that the practice of Krishna Consciousness is like driving on a highway where we gradually get closer and closer to our destination –

Understanding the Concept of “Dovetailing”

Prabhupada: “This world is not permanent. So even though it is not permanent, it can be utilized for the service of the Lord. Nirbandhe kṛṣṇa-sambandhe yukta-vairāgyam

When the Good Becomes the Enemy of the Best!

By Ajit Krishna Dasa I have been asked to share some of the realizations I’m having while doing my Nectar of Instruction and Sri