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Did the Universe Create Itself?

Did the universe create itself? Quite a few atheists put forward the claim that the universe could have created itself and therefore doesn’t need a God

Did the Universe Come From Nothing?

By Ajit Krishna Dasa (heavily inspired by Dr. William Lane Craig) Did the universe come from nothing? Some atheists claim that the universe came

Is God Just a Psychological Crutch?

By Ajit Krishna Dasa Atheists commonly argue against the existence of God by claiming that theists just believe in God for psychological reasons. For example,

When the Good Becomes the Enemy of the Best!

By Ajit Krishna Dasa I have been asked to share some of the realizations I’m having while doing my Nectar of Instruction and Sri

Theistic Argument from Absolute Values

Like The Moral Argument this is also an axiological argument since axio literally means “value”. Theistic Argument from Absolute Values – Authored by Ajita

The Moral Argument (Axiological Argument)

By Ajit Krishna Dasa An interesting and persuasive argument for the existence of God is The Moral Argument (also called The Axiological Argument. Axio